you can use my art for whatever as long as you credit

Ask blog: Askstonedtrixie.tumblr.com (dead)
skype: ghostgoats
(anyone can add me but Im never ever on)

I want to do some commissions right now like maybe two

Ill draw you something like this for $10

please send me a message here
no nsfw

drawins from stream

thanks for coming to my livestream even though i barely drew stuff sorry

Anonymous asked: I'm a fan of flutterdash. Can you draw some please?

kuki-shift asked: Beautiful lesbian horse desert? More like beautiful lesbian horse dessert. >.>

haha yeah

laughingmad asked: I've been going through your blog for an hour, and I'm dozens of pages in with no end in sight. It's great you art so much, but if I don't reach the end soon I will die of thirst in your beautiful lesbian horse desert. :(

the horse yuri is never ending